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Message from the President

Aiming to "Bridging Good Faith and Healthcare"

No matter it is hot, cold or snowy day, patients who need transfusion are waiting. For these patients, over 5 million generous people a year donate their blood in the program of Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS).

In general, people would associate raw blood for transfusion with the word ‘Transfusion’ but the donated blood is used for each half of blood products for transfusion and plasma-derived products which are also indispensable for medical treatment and then, are transfused to patients.

To manufacture plasma-derived products, plasma is distributed from JRCS to three domestic organizations including JB.

With the principle of JB, ‘Bridging Good Faith and Healthcare’, we stably deliver the faith of donors to patients and health care professionals as the form of plasma-derived products.

Although the national self-sufficiency of blood products is the basic aim of Japanese blood law, it is still on the way. Thus, we hold up contributing the achievement of the national self-sufficiency in the first JB’s vision.

Throughout pursuing the competency of plasma-derived products and challenging the innovation in science and medical fields, we contribute the development of medicine and plasma fractionation operation in Japan. Furthermore, we make our effort to contribute the improvement of healthcare in Asia
We appreciate your continuing support for our operations.