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Message from the President

Aiming to "Bridging Good Faith and Healthcare"

The Japan Blood Products Organization is a general incorporated association that was established by the Japanese Red Cross Society in June 2012, for the purpose of promoting national self-sufficiency for blood products in accordance with the aim of the Japanese blood law, which was enacted under the concept that the blood products used by the Japanese people should be supplied through domestic blood donation.

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, which approved the proposal of the Japanese Red Cross Society, became a member of the organization at the outset of its establishment, and integrated the plasma fractionation operations under its management into the Japan Blood Products Organization.

A total of 12 years have passed since the time of its establishment, and the Japan Blood Products Organization has been striving to boost the production and sales of immunoglobulin products, for which demand has been increasing, as well as albumin products, which have a relatively low self-sufficiency rate. In addition, we have also expanded operations regarding sales on commission of the plasma-derived medicinal products of other companies, contributing to the promotion of self-sufficiency through products derived from domestic blood donation, as well as stabilization of the market.

From the very beginning, Japan Blood Products Organization has been a non-profit general incorporated association. The basis of our business has been to maintain and promote the health of patients who are suffering from diseases, and to contribute to the improvement of healthcare by turning the “love” from blood donations provided by the people of Japan into the “strength” of plasma-derived medicinal products. In the future as in the past, we will continue to listen closely to your wide range of opinions, while striving to ensure a stable supply of high-quality products that can be trusted by both patients and healthcare professionals.

Hideo Nakanishi